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  • How did you get the idea to start Sweet Little Blessings?
I had always wanted to start my own business but every idea that I came up with required me to make something to sell.  I knew I wouldn't be able to find the time with our large family.  I finally decided that I had LOTS of experience with cloth diapers and in July of 2008 started Sweet Little Blessings.
  • How did you decide on what products to include in your store?
I started with the brands that I was most familiar with and was using on our children.  I added other brands after trying them out myself. 
  • Explain the different types of diapers.
There are so many choices!  First, you need to decide whether you prefer sized diapers or one size diapers.  Sized diapers are going to be trimmer on little ones, but the one size can be used from about 8 pounds through potty training.  Then, you need to think about whether you like snaps or velcro.  I think that velcro is easier to fasten on a wiggly baby and more adjustable, but it does show wear quicker than snaps.  Some people also prefer snaps since they make it harder for your baby to get their diaper off themselves. 
There are 3 main types of diapers. 
1. Prefolds and covers are the most economical choice.  You can either fold the prefold in thirds and lay it in the cover or fasten it with a Snappi.  The great thing about prefolds is that if the cover doesn't get soiled, you can reuse it for several changes.
2. Pocket diapers have an insert that you stuff into a pocket.  They go on in one piece just like a disposable and you will need a new diaper for each change.  They dry quickly and are easy to use.
3. All in Ones/All in Twos are most like disposables.  They are all one piece and don't need to be stuffed.  All in Twos have an insert that snaps to the cover.  Some versions do take longer to dry, but they are very convenient. 
  • How does using cloth diapers save money?
Using prefolds and covers is going to save you the most money, but even all in ones will eventually pay for themselves.  Especially if you plan to have more than one child.  It is a big investment all at once, but it will end up saving money.  You can even sell or donate your diapers when you are finished with them!
  • How many diapers should someone buy?
It depends on how often you want to wash, but 18-24 diapers is a nice amount.  A newborn is going to use more than a toddler.
  • Is there a special way to wash and care for the diapers?
I recommend a cold water rinse, then a hot water wash with an extra rinse.  There are lots of detergent options available, but I just use our regular detergent.  Just remember not to use too much detergent, it can build up and cause your diapers to smell terrible!
  • Is it hard to travel with cloth diapers?
I don't think it is any more difficult.  There are small wet bags that you can put in your diaper bag for the soiled diapers.  Just throw them in the diaper pail when you get home.
  • How do you control odors?
Use the correct amount of detergent!  As I mentioned, you don't want to use so much detergent that it builds up, but you need enough to get them clean.  Smell the diapers when they come out of the washer.  Do they smell clean?  If they don't, you need to use more detergent.  If they do, but then smell terrible whenever your baby wets, then you are probably using too much detergent.
You also want to use a dry pail to store soiled diapers and make sure you don't wait too long between washings. I recommend washing every other day.
  • What are the benefits from ordering from Sweet Little Blessings instead of another company?
Well, there aren't too many people who have had as much diapering experience as I do....we have 12 children!  I also try to ship out all orders within 24 hours and am happy to answer any questions.
  • What advice would you give a new mother considering cloth diapers?
I know all the options can be overwhelming, but it is really not that hard and it will save you money.  Plus they are just so cute!  I would also recommend that you give cloth wipes a try to save even more.  Remember that you will have to change more often than disposables to avoid leaks, but that is better for your baby anyway!

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