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Catalog > Diaper Covers > Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Covers
Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Covers

Organic Cotton Covers have replaced the day and night covers.  This is an anytime cover.  The waterproofing is close to a night cover and the price is close to a day cover.  It has an organic cotton outer and a polyester inner with with PUL.  This keeps the baby dry, but still allows air circulation.  This diaper cover is known for its superior quality and breathability.  It is very pliable and adjustable.  The soft velcro makes for easy diaper changes and eliminates the use of pins.
P Preemie 4.5-9 lbs / 2-4 kg
NB Newborn 7-13 lbs / 3-6 kg
S Small 11-17 lbs / 5-8 kg
M Medium 15-22 lbs / 7-10 kg
L Large 20-26 lbs / 9-12 kg
XL Extra Large 24-31 lbs / 11-14 kg
SL Super Large 28+ lbs / 13+ kg

White Imse Vimse Cover
White Imse Vimse Cover

size:preemie (2 in stock)
small (3 in stock)
medium (1 in stock)
large (1 in stock)
Zoo Imse Vimse Cover
Zoo Imse Vimse Cover

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