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Catalog > Inserts/Doublers/Liners > Knickernappies SuperDo Insert
Knickernappies SuperDo Insert

Meet LoopyDo's big brother!  Introducing the SuperDo...a prewashed insert for heavy wetters and overnight.  The SuperDo packs a powerful absorbancy with 6 layers of hemp terry and 2 layers of ultra-thirsty microfiber.  This insert is even more absorbant than a LoopyDo and a plain hemp insert together

If you've been double-stuffing pocket diapers for a heavy wetting baby, STOP!  One insert is all you need!  As long as it's a SuperDo, that is.  Even my own juice-slurping toddler can't beat the SuperDo.  This insert was created just for her because I am so tired of double-stuffing every single diaper. 


Like the LoopyDos (rated #1 on DiaperPin for inserts!) the hemp is prewashed.  These can be washed immediately with diapers, though another 3-4 washings is still needed for full absorbancy.  The white microfiber is very plush, moreso than the yellow on the LoopyDos, and it's extra absorbant

This comparison shows the SuperDo next to two microfiber inserts.  The SuperDo is not only far more absorbant, but it's a lot trimmer, too!

2G version is wider than the previous version!  These will fit more pocket diapers from side-to-side without gaps!

Knickernappies SuperDo 2G
Knickernappies SuperDo 2G

Small 12"x5.5"

Medium 14"x5.5"

 Large 16"x5.5"

size:small (1 in stock)

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